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Abbe, Robert, 1851 - 1928.
New York surgeon who first used lip-switch (Abbe) flap in bilateral cleft deformity.  Introduced radium into the U.S.

Aufricht, Gustave, 1894 - 1980.
Trained by father of rhinoplasty, Jacques Joseph of Germany; with Safian, introduced his methods to the U.S. in the 1930's; a founding member of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.

Barron, John Netterville, 1911 - 1992.
Chief Plastic Surgeon, Odstock Hospital, England; hand surgery.

Brown, James Barrett, 1899 - 1971.
St. Louis giant of plastic surgery.

Celsus, Aurelis Cornelius, 53 B.C. - 7 A.D.

Brophy, Truman William, 1848 - 1928
American pioneer in cleft palate surgery.

Buck, Gordon, 1807 - 1877.
Early pioneer of American plastic surgery.

Byars, Louis T., 1906 - 1969.
One of the Four Horsemen of St. Louis.

Converse, John M., 1909 - 1981.
Chief of Plastic Surgery, New York University; craniofacial surgeon.

Cronin, Thomas Dillon, 1906 - 1993.
Chief of Plastic Surgery, Baylor University, Texas; developed the breast implant.

Davis, Albert D., 1890 - 1964.
San Francisco plastic surgeon; paid Gillies a fee to receive training.

DeSault, Pierre Joseph, 1738? - 1795.
French pioneer of bilateral cleft surgery.

Dieffenbach, Johann Friederick, 1792 - 1847.
First successful closure of both hard and soft palate; early references to tenotomy, myotomy, otoplasty, early rhinoplasty, and blepharoplasty.

Dingman, Reed, 1906 - 1985.
Chief of Plastic Surgery, University of Michigan; significant work in the treatment of jaw fractures.

Douglas, Beverly, 1891 - 1975.
Best known for the Beverly Douglas procedure used in the initial management of Pierre Robin Syndrome.

Dupuytren, Guillaume, 1778 - 1835.
Described the progressive contracture of the palmer aponeurosis which now bears his name - Dupuytren's Contracture.

Gabard, Pere
Postage skin graft on burns.

Galenus, 130 - 200 A.D.
First described suture of tendon.

Georgiade, Nicholas G., 1918-
Chief of Plastic Surgery, Duke University; craniofacial and breast surgeon.

Gillies, Sir Harold Delf, 1882 - 1960.
Established plastic surgery in England.

Graefe, Carl Ferdinand von, 1787 - 1840.
Founder of modern reparative surgery and often called the father of modern plastic surgery.

Hagedorn, Werner, 1811 - 1867.
Developed the quadrilateral flap operation for a unilateral hare ( 1884, 1892).

Hamilton, Frank Hasting, 1813 - 1886.
Designed and transferred the first cross leg flap.

Hueston, John, 1926 - 1994.
Leading Australian plastic surgeon.

Johansen, Bengt
Swedish plastic surgeon; hypospadius and cleft surgery.

Kilner, T.P., 1890 - 1964.
First Professor of plastic surgery, Oxford University; trained by Gillies after WWI; developed the cleft palate repair.

Outstanding plastic surgeon, Singapore and Malaysia.

Langenbeck, Bernard Rudolph Conrad, 1810 - 1887.
Described mucoperiosteal formation and characteristics of scars.

LeMesurier, Arthur B., 1890 - 1982.
Canadian orthopedic and early cleft lip surgeon.

Magill, Sir Ivan, 1888 - 1986.
An anesthesiologist who invented the endotracheal tube while with Gillies during his jaw reconstructions.

Malgaigne, Joseph Francois, 1806 - 1865
Cleft lip repair.

Marino, Hector, 1905-
Leading Buenos Aires plastic surgeon.

Matthews, David Napier
Chief of Plastic Surgery, Great Ormand St., London.

McDowell, Frank, 1911 - 1992.
Scribe of the famous Four Horseman of St. Louis; editor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

McIndoe, Sir Archibald, 1900 - 1960.
Renowned (and knighted) for work on skin grafts in the treatment of burned airmen in WWII; trained by Gillies; helped legitimize aesthetic surgery as a branch of plastic surgery.

McNeill, Kenneth A.
Chief Plastic Surgeon, Kingston, Jamaica.

Meleney, Frank, 1889 - 1963.
Professor of Surgery and Bacteriology, Columbia University; work in "Meleney's Ulcer" and bacitracin.

Millard, D. Ralph, 1919 -

Mirault, G.
19th Century French surgeon known for cheiloplasty.

Muetter, Thomas Dent, 1811 - 1857.
Exhaustive study of scar formation and characteristics of scars.

Musgrave, Ross H., 1921-
Artist; University of Pittsburgh; cleft lip surgery.

Nelaton, Auguste, 1807 - 1873.
Repair for incomplete cleft lip.

O'Brien, Bernard
Famous microvascular surgeon, Melbourne, Australia.

Ollier, Leopold Louis Xavier Edouard, 1829 - 1868.
Early pioneer of free skin grafting.

Pancoast, Joseph, 1805 - 1882.
One of the first to perform reconstructive rhinoplasty in America.

Pare, Ambroise, 1510 - 1590.
With Franco (?1505-1579), one of the first to describe in detail the principles and techniques in the surgical treatment of cleft palate.

Peacock, Erle, 1926 - 1980
Chief of Plastic Surgery, University of North Carolina and Arizona State University; research in wound healing.

Peet, Eric, 1909 - 1981.
Oxford University cleft surgeon.

Pitanguy, Ivo, 1926-
Renowned Rio de Janeiro plastic surgeon.

Planus, Jaime
Cosmetic plastic surgeon, Barcelona.

Robinson, David Weaver, 1911 - 1992.
Chief of Plastic Surgery, Kansas City.

Roux, Philbert Joseph, 1780 - 1854.
Founder of modern cleft lip and cleft palate surgery.

Safian, Joseph, 1886 - 1983.
Trained by father of rhinoplasty, Jacques Joseph of Germany, and, with Aufricht, introduced his methods to the U.S. in the 1930's.

Skoog, Tord, 1915 - 1977.
Outstanding Swedish plastic surgeon known for Dupuytren's repair; first advocated the SMAS facelift which became a popular technique.

Straith, Clair, 1891 - 1958.
Leading cosmetic surgeon and great business mind in Detroit.

Szymanowski, Uli Karlouich, 1829 - 1868.
Z plasty

Thiersch, Carl, 1822 - 1895.
Early pioneer in free skin grafting.

Warren, Jonathan Mason, 1811 - 1867.
Probably performed the first cleft palate and reconstructive rhinoplasty in America.

Webster, Jerome Pierce, 1888 - 1974.
Chief of Plastic Surgery, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons; developed a great plastic surgery library.

Weir, Robert Fulton, 1838 - 1927.
Important contributions to rhinoplastic surgery, a well known one being his crescent shaped excision from the base of the ala nasi.



Trainees in Plastic Surgery, 1948 - 1949.
Millard from the U.S. and others from around the world trained at Rooksdown House, London, under Sir Harold Delf Gillies.
Photograph taken April 4, 1948.

First Rotation-Advancement for Cleft Lip Repair, Korea, 1955.

Reconstructive Work on Natives during the Korean Conflict, 1954 - 1955.

View of MASH unit in Korea where surgery was performed.

Letter of Appreciation, January 18, 1955,
First Marine Division, United States Marine Corps

Letter of Commendation, January 31, 1955,
First Marine Division, Republic of Korea

First trip to Kingston Public Hospital, Jamaica, 1959.

Honorary Consultant, Kingston Public Hospital, 1960.

Demonstration of the Rotation-Advancement Cleft Lip Technique,
Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, 1965

Anglo-American Cooperation behind the Iron Curtain,
Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, 1965
Peet-Millard demonstrating the
Oxford Palate Technique and its Lengthening with an Island Flap.

Participants in International Congress on Cleft Lip and Palate,
Melbourne, Australia, 1971

Letter of Appreciation, August 22, 1974, from The White House, Gerald R. Ford, President.

Monks Lecturer at Brigham and Childrens Hospitals, Harvard, September, 1977.
Millard, Hassen, Murray, Holmes.

National Congress of Plastic Surgery, Montreal, 1983.
Millard, Tessier, Chase, O'Brien.

Honorary Fellowship, Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, June, 1986.

Tagliacozzi Guest Lectureship, University of Bologna, June, 1986.

Honorary Member of the Japan Society of Plastic Surgery, 1988
Honored by President Onizuka in Tokyo, April 6, 1988.

Honorary Medal from the People's Republic of China, 1988
A bronze plate presented to Millard by President Ruyao Song "for his monumental achievements
in cleft lip repair which has opened a new era of cleft lip surgery," September 7, 1988.

Millard Society, The White House, September 21, 1992.

Millard, D. Ralph, Jr. A Rhinoplasty Tetralogy: Corrective, Secondary,
Congenital, Reconstructive,
Boston, Little Brown, 1996. 532 p.

Based on "personal experience over 50 years in the second half of the twentieth century," this
volume picks up "where Joseph left off in the refinement of the craft of rhinoplasty."

Original manuscript, edited versions, and galleys of A Rhinoplasty Tetralogy.

Book review of A Rhinoplaty Tetralogy by Blair O. Rogers, published in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery,
( 3):165-166, 1979

Joseph, Jacques. Nasenplastik und Sonstige Geschichtsplastik nebst einem Anhang ueber
Mammaplastik und einige weitere Operationen aud dem Gebiete der Auessenren Koerperplastik.

Leipzig, Curt Kabitsch, 1931. 826 p

505 pages of this book are devoted to all aspects of rhinoplasty. "No other book since has dealt so
completely with plastic surgery of the nose" until Millard's 1996 A Rhinoplasty Tetralogy.


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