VOL. 29 NO. 3 August 2008



Library Welcomes New Education/Outreach Librarian

The Library is pleased to announce that Ms. Vedana Vaidhyanathan joined the faculty on July 1. Vedana received her M.S. in Library Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She was a UNC Health Sciences Library Fellow in the Carolina Center for Genome Sciences from 2006-2008, an ARL (Association for Research Libraries) Fellow in 2007 and Master's Student Representative to the UNC Information Technology and Resource Center. She served as a Resident Assistant in the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth following cum laude graduation from Florida International University in 2006. She is a member of the Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honors Society. Vedana has also worked with outreach programs to underserved Hispanic and Haitian populations in North Carolina and Miami.

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Library Trains New Palm Beach Residents

In support of the School of Medicine's new academization of medicine strategic initiative, Calder's Executive Director, Director for Library Operations and Coordinator for Educational Services participated in the June 30th orientation of the new University of Miami residents at JFK Medical Center in Atlantis, FL.

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New Community Service Program Award

The Library has received an award to partner with the Miller School of Medicine's student-operated DOCS (Department of Community Services) Health Fairs project and public libraries in Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe counties during the 2008-09 year. The 'Librarians and DOCS for Health' award supports participation by Calder and public librarians at the annual health fairs in eight medically underserved communities to promote the use of National Library of Medicine and State of Florida health information websites. It is funded by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Southeastern/Atlantic Region at the University of Maryland. Mary Moore, Ph.D. is principal investigator.

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More On-Site Facility News

Progress on the revitalization of the Library facility continues and includes:

New carpet and paint throughout the building.

Additional outlets for laptops near the seating areas on the second and third floors.

New furniture and white boards in the two classrooms on the lower level.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

During March and April 2008 the Library conducted onsite and online customer satisfaction surveys.

There were a total of 869 responses. Of the 360 individuals who visited the Calder Library and completed the onsite survey, 62% were students, residents or fellows, 14% were health care practitioners, 13% were staff or administrators, 6% were faculty members, and 7% were patients or community members. Of the 509 individuals who responded to the online survey, 36% were medical students, residents or fellows, 27% were staff or administrators, 26% were faculty, 8% were graduate students, and 3% were other.

Among the services ranked 'Extremely Needed' were: full text electronic journals (80%), electronic books (55%), clinical decision support tools (50%), research databases and datasets (44%), online medical images (39%), quiet getaway space (32%), a coffee shop (32%) and training on library resources (26%).

Collections and personnel received high marks. Requests for specific books, journals and databases not in the collections continue to be filled when possible.

Many of the areas of dissatisfaction have already been addressed, such as unattractive surroundings, lack of electrical outlets, student printing and noise. Planning continues for other areas of dissatisfaction, such as more study rooms and informal meeting spaces and a coffee shop.

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E-Resources Update

Each of the following resources is accessible on the E-Databases link on the Library's website.

PubMed citations are now easily excluded from CINAHL searches. Enter your search on the ADVANCED Search screen, click on the 'Refine Search' tab and then in the check box next to "Exclude MEDLINE records". This new feature lets you search both MEDLINE and CINAHL and eliminate duplicate citations.

Cochrane Library
Acquired by Wiley Interscience in 2005, the complete Cochrane Library database is now accessible directly from Wiley. The Evidence Based Medicine Reviews (EBMR) database on Ovid is no longer accessible.


  • Searches now lead to additional citations. The Automatic Term Mapping (ATM) feature, which previously mapped search input only to MeSH heading and Text Word fields, was augmented to include "All Fields" searching. Why is this important?

    • 'Burns' was searched only as a MeSH heading or Text Word, and not also as an author or journal title, in the old ATM. In the new ATM, articles by and published in the journal Burns will also be retrieved.
    • 'Gene therapy' and other multi-word terms, previously searched only as MeSH headings or Text Words, are now ANDed together so articles with phrases, such as "clinical applications of gene silencing therapy´┐Ż," are also retrieved.

  • Related Reviews section added to AbstractPlus, PubMed's discovery display format that leads you to other information resources. Now, in addition to Related Articles, those related articles indexed with the Publication Type "Review" appear in a separate section.

QUOSA Information Manager

  • New 'User's Guide - Windows Edition' - A comprehensive, 138 page user's manual is now available from QUOSA and is readily accessible on the 'Educational Tutorials' link in the right frame of the Calder Library's website.
  • New Hands-On Class at Calder Library - An introductory class on QUOSA is now taught by Mary Moore, PhD, the Calder Library's Executive Director. Register for the next session at the 'Classes Offered' link on the Library's website.

SciFinder Scholar Web Version
In addition to the CD version available on a public access computer in the Calder Library, a web version of the information, back to 1907, is now available from the Chemical Abstracts Service. Access to the web version is restricted to UM faculty, staff and students and requires your CaneID and password to register for a username and password on the E-Databases link on the Calder Library's website.


  • Adds Batch Downloading of Online Articles which lets you automatically download and save, with the click of a button, the full-text of up to 50 articles retrieved.
  • Adds Scopus Affiliation Identifier - Like the Author Identifier, this new feature lets you rapidly identify the various forms of an institution's name that appear in publications.


  • Adds Lexi-Interact Online, a comprehensive drug-to-drug, drug-to-herb and herb-to-herb interaction analysis program that lets you review all interactions for a selected medication or enter a patient specific regimen and analyze it for potential interactions.
  • Adds 'UpToDate for Patients' - Free access to more than 350 patient information topics, including in-depth, comprehensive information.
  • Adds 'What's New' Feature, which summarizes, by specialty, the most important new medical findings since the last release.

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