VOL. 29 NO. 2 June 2008



New NIH Public Access Policy Overview

The University's new NIH Public Access Policy Overview at http://calder.med.miami.edu/pages/NIHPublicAccessPolicy.html was created to help faculty comply with the NIH Public Access Policy. Signed into law December 26, 2007, the policy mandates that all investigators funded by the NIH:

  • Submit or have submitted for them an electronic version of their final, peer-reviewed paper, accepted for publication on April 7, 2008 and thereafter, to the National Library of Medicine's PubMed Central repository where it will be made publicly available no later than 12 months after the official date of publication
  • Cite a PubMedCentral ID (PMCID) or NIH Manuscript Submission ID (NIHMSID) in all NIH applications, proposals and progress reports submitted after May 25, 2008.

For additional information and assistance, please contact Mr. Joaquin (Joe) Arriaga, Director for Reference, Education and Outreach, at jarriaga@med.miami.edu or 305-243-6648.

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New Virtual Services on Redesigned Library Website

See the Library's new website at http://www.calder.med.miami.edu. We want your comments on the redesign. Please send your comments, concerns, and questions to the Director for Systems, David Goolabsingh, at dgoolabsingh@med.miami.edu.

All familiar links on the previous website are on the new site, along with several new features:

  • Calder Portals - A starting point and overview of important resources for Students, EBM practitioners, Physicians/Clinicians, Researchers, and the Community. The new NIH Public Access Policy Overview site appears on the Researchers portal.
  • Faculty Publications - A listing of journal articles published by medical center faculty and staff and newly added to the Medline database. A link to the Library's previous website is in the frame at the bottom of the new site. However, the previous site is no longer being updated.

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First Floor Revitalization Plans

The Calder Library's revitalization plans, which began with the exterior of the Library building in the Fall, 2007, moved indoors in 2008. The Library is pleased to announce that:

  • For the convenience of users, the reference desk was relocated and merged with the circulation desk and reserve collection, creating a single service point. (See photo to right)
  • Six new publicly accessible Macintosh computers were deployed, two computers were designated for patient access and E-Nounce software was installed on all computers.
  • New ergonomic chairs were purchased for all public areas.
  • All print volumes in the public areas on the first floor were relocated or removed:
    • Current Print Journals, with no electronic equivalent, were moved to the second floor, which now houses all publicly accessible print journals, 1961 to date.
    • Current Print Journals, available from a reliable electronic archive and duplicated at another University Library, were withdrawn from the collection.
    • Current Print Journals, with an electronic equivalent, are on-site and available upon request.
    • Current Print Indexes and Abstracts, with no electronic equivalent, were moved to the second floor. Discontinued titles are on-site and available upon request.
    • The Current Print Reference Book and EGHIN Consumer Health collections were moved to the third floor, which now houses all book collections.
  • Painting of the Library began May 10, 2008 and will be followed by new carpeting.
  • Plans are being finalized for a new service desk, a new security desk at the Library entrance, and new client services, including a collaboratory, in space previously used to house print volumes and the reference desk.

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New E-Journals

The following current electronic journals became available University-wide in 2008:
Aging Cell
Ambulatory Pediatrics
American Journal of Rhinology
Antiviral Therapy
Cell Research
Heart Rhythm
International Journal of Impotence Research
Journal of Human Hypertension
Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology
Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders
Modern Pathology
Mucosal Immunology
Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases
Stem Cell Research
The Nature backfile, retrospective to 1869, and the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene backfile, retrospective to 1921, are now accessible University-wide.

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Access to Resources and Services at University of Miami Hospital

The Library is pleased to announce that most Calder Library electronic resources are now available at the new University of Miami Hospital via Citrix. Faculty, staff and students who do not yet have Citrix accounts are encouraged to contact Medical Information Technology to have an account created.

There are currently computers in the University of Miami Hospital Library on the first floor that can be used to access Calder's electronic resources. Planning is underway to add computers dedicated to information resources, including Calder's evidence-based resources, on each floor and in each ICU.

Items not accessible from the Library's collections can be requested using the Interlibrary Loan/Journal Photocopy Request form found in the �Forms� tab at the top of the Library's website, from Loansome Doc, at the Calder or the UMH Library. Yvonne Barkman continues to staff the UMH Library, Monday-Friday, 9am - 1pm.

To encourage the use of evidence-based resources, Calder faculty attend the grand rounds of the UMH Department of Medicine. At the beginning of each grand rounds, librarians present a brief example of a question posed during the previous grand rounds lecture and answered with evidence-based information.

The Library gratefully acknowledges the leadership and support of Dr. Amir Jaffer, Chief of Medicine at UMH; Dr. Carl Eisdorfer, chair, and Drs. W. Jarrard Goodwin and Elaine Tozman, members of the Medical Library Committee; Oscar Perez, IT Director, Clinical Enterprise Technologies; and Brad Rohrer, Frank Rodriguez and James Doppelhammer of Medical Information Technology in these important initiatives.

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Royal Society Exhibit

You are invited to an exhibit on the first floor of the 5th facsimile edition of the signatures of the founders and fellows of the Royal Society, 1663 to 2007. Published on November 30th, 2007, on the occasion of the anniversary day of the Royal Society, the magnificent reproduction contains the signatures of scientific leaders, such as Newton and Darwin. Dr. William J. Whelan, UM Professor of Biochemistry, was elected to the Royal Society in 1992 and his signature appears on page 232. Dr. Whelan purchased the facsimile edition and graciously made it available to the Library for the exhibit.

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Faculty News

Mary Moore published Chapter 1, "Overview of health sciences libraries and librarianship," in Introduction to Health Sciences Librarianship, M. Sandra Wood, ed. N.Y., Haworth Press, 2008. p. 3-30.

Henry L. Lemkau, Jr. published "Constants, context and change: the pursuit of purpose," the 2007 Janet Doe Lecture, in Journal of the Medical Library Association 2008 96(1):12-19 Jan.

Tanya Feddern-Bekcan taught the CINAHL Tutorial at the Inaugural South Florida Winter Evidence-Based Nursing Institute, January 8, 2008, and co-presented a paper, "Collaborative Curricular Designs for Bringing Best Practices to the Point of Care," with Kathryn Ewers, at Nursing Excellence: Bringing Best Evidence to the Point of Care, the inaugural South Florida Winter Evidence-Based Nursing Conference, January 10, 2008 at the Miami Beach Resort.

The following posters were presented at the Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association, May 18-20, 2008 in Chicago:

  • "Bridging the Americas: Development of a Spanish Language Portal and Service Network for Health Care Providers in Latin America," by Yanira Garcia-Barcena, Joaquin Arriaga, Suzetta Burrows and Mary Moore.
  • "Use of Multiple Citation Analysis Resources to Measure Scientific Works: Evaluation and Comparison of Citation Analysis Tools," by Yanira Garcia-Barcena and John D. Jones Jr.
  • "Why Develop Knowledge Management Resources?" by David B. Goolabsingh, Suzetta Burrows and Mary Moore.
  • "Delivering Value Through Innovation; Marketing Initiatives to Become Relevant and Cost Effective Again," by Gediminas Paulaitis.
  • "Closing the Divide to Achieve Bibliographic Consistency Among Three E-Journal Access Tools," by Erica R. Powell.

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