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50th Anniversary of the School of Medicine

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VOL. 24 NO. 1 October 2002 - January 2003

50th Anniversary of the School of Medicine

The Department of the Library and Biomedical Communications played a major role in the School’s 50th Anniversary Symposium on January 31, 2003:

  • A Five Decade Exhibit on the history of the School of Medicine was conceived, planned and implemented by the Department beginning in 2002. The five decade exhibit will soon be on display again in the Library’s first floor atrium. All are welcome to come and relive the exciting history of the Miracle on 10th Avenue.
  • 53 Departmental Posters on the history of the School’s departments, centers and student
    organizations were produced by Biomedical Communications during the December, 2002 - January 2003 two month period. Individual departments were also given design support when time permitted.
  • More than 600 Archival Photographs were scanned by Biomedical Communications beginning in the summer of 2002, creating a digital archive that was used for all aspects of the 50th Anniversary celebration and that will be used for decades to come.
  • 24 Interviews were videotaped beginning in September, 2002 by Biomedical Communications and 31 video segments were edited for inclusion in the Symposium. 28 of the 31 were enhanced with archival
    visuals, ranging from motion picture film of the original Freedom Flights in the 1960s, the dedication of the Medical Research Building, and the construction of the East Tower, to original photographs of the first day of classes on September 22, 1952 and the first graduating class in 1956.

Selected by the Symposium Session Coordinators and Medical School Administration, there are now archival videos of the following individuals:

Dr. William Awad
Ms. Barbara Binns
Dr. Kermit Carraway
Dean John Clarkson
Chancellor Tad Foote
Dr. Bernard J. Fogel
Dr. Barth Green
Dr. Sheldon Greer
Dr. David Howell
Dr. Gerard Kaiser
Dr. Norman Kenyon
Mr. Henry Lemkau
Dr. Alan Livingstone
  Dr. Astrid Mack
Dr. Karl Magleby
Dr. Clyde McCoy
Dr. Daniel Mintz
Dr. Mark O’Connell
Dr. Emanuel Papper
Dr. Eliseo Perez-Stable
Dr. James Potter
Dr. Gwen Scott
Dr. Don Temple
Mr. Jay Weiss
Dr. William Whelan
Dr. Fred Woessner

The Department had previously videotaped Drs. Harvey Blank, Franz Stewart, and Henry King Stanford, and Sen. Dante Fascell, segments of which were also used.

  • Six Scripts were written and script support was given to several of the Symposium moderators.

The posters, photographs, interviews, and scripts will be a permanent part of the School’s enhanced Archive, housed in the Library for the benefit of generations and anniversaries to come.

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IDEAL Titles Now on Science Direct

During January, 2003, all 200 plus biomedical electronic journals, previously available on the IDEAL platform, became accessible on Science Direct www.sciencedirect.com. At the same time, more than 50 titles in the health sciences, published by Churchill-Livingstone, Mosby and Saunders and not previously accessible to UM faculty, staff and students, also became accessible on Science Direct.

The necessary changes and additions resulting from the migration of the IDEAL titles to the Science Direct platform have been made on Calder’s website. They are in the process of being made to CALLCAT, the Library’s online catalog.

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BIOSIS Previews Now on Ovid

During the Fall, 2002, the three files of Biological Abstracts accessible on the Library’s Ovid platform since 2001, were replaced with one file, BIOSIS Previews. Particularly now that all citations and abstracts to articles in more than 5,000 titles published since 1980 are all in one file, literature searches for medical research purposes should routinely include searches of BIOSIS Previews in addition to MEDLINE.

Although it is common knowledge that BIOSIS Previews contains citations not in MEDLINE, following are the dramatic results of some searches:

Search Strategy   Unique to BIOSIS   Unique to MEDLINE
cancer and natural killer cell and human   748   161
antioxidants and (heart or cardiovascular) and human   2,500   1,085
(functional magnetic resonance imaging or fMRI) and memory   450   141

Assistance with searches of BIOSIS Previews is readily available on the Library’s website. Click on the Educational Tutorials link on the top right of the page and then on the BIOSIS Training Materials link, or, contact Yanira (Jenny) Garcia-Barcena, Senior Reference and Education Services Librarian, via e-mail ygarcia6@med.miami.edu or at 305-243-6648.

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New Document/Interlibrary Loan Fee

Effective January 1, 2003, there is one new flat transaction fee for any document requested by the faculty, staff, or members: $6.00 per article. This one fee will be assessed for articles copied by Library staff from the print collections, printed or scanned from the electronic collections, or requested from another library on interlibrary loan.

The one exception to this new fee is the $2.00 interlibrary loan transaction fee for UM/JMH students.

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The Library’s PoinTIS (Point of Care, Team-based Information System) website, http://calder.med.miami.edu/pointis/index.html funded by an information systems grant from the National Library of Medicine, is featured with “several noteworthy projects undertaken by medical librarians around the United States” to celebrate National Medical Librarians month in October at HYPERLINK “http://www.nlm.nih.gov/lo/profiles02/sea.html”. The PoinTIS website appears as a link on many, including the recent addition to the Duke Endowment funded Hands on Health-South Carolina website at the Medical University of South Carolina.

“I just wanted to say thank you (Tanya Feddern) for all of your help. I think you are doing a great job.”

Deborah Herbstman

“You (Tanya Feddern) have to be one of the most dedicated instructors I’ve ever met. Don’t quite know how you manage to do it, but it’s definitely appreciated.”

Richard Elf

“By the way, I think the EBM search skills that we are learning are going to be very very useful. Thanks.”

Mike Hodges

“Last week, much to my surprise, I found that the Calder Library had in its collection two items I thought I’d have to retrieve with considerable delay from another library: (1) a reprint of a 1932 volume and a 1979 paper in Stain Technology … Both items we desperately needed as soon as we could get them for a research project we’re conducting, and I’m delighted we had them within minutes. I can’t tell you how grateful I am.”

Prof. Kenneth J. Muller

“I am a senior medical student at UM who just presented a poster at a research forum last week. I am writing to inform you that Tony was extremely helpful and went above and beyond his call of duty to make sure that my poster was absolutely perfect and was ready on time. He spent a lot of time helping me with this project, for which I won first place … Many of the medical students were talking about how helpful he is to them as well.”

Marni Grant

“Both Mr. Stolz and Mr. Church have not only been incredibly patient with my many audiovisual requests, but have taken extensive efforts to make certain my slides and videos are extremely professional. I have given over 45 lectures internationally and nationally in the past 18 months in which their work was incorporated. I know I am not alone in offering the many accolades that should go to these individuals who play such a major role in helping those of us in academics, research and teaching represent our medical center.”

Mimi Watson Sutherland

“I would like to take this time to personally thank you and your staff for your promptness and understanding when we fax you such a large massive request for research and for articles. Your team goes beyond the call of duty and is always willing to go the extra mile. This does not go unnoticed and I thank you.”

Doreen McShane, RN

“I want to commend …. Jenny Garcia. She gave us extensive information on prostate cancer and its complications. She is so kind and caring – a terrific asset to your library.”

Claire J. Roth

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Dr. Maurice Rich Gifts of Art

Dr. Maurice Rich donated a magnificent oil painting by American artist Michael Schreck on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the School of Medicine. The floral that beautifully reflects grace, purity and harmony, was hung on the west wall of the Library's atrium for all to enjoy. Born in Austria, July 13, 1901 and educated in Vienna, Michael Schreck began painting and drawing at the age of 14. In 1966, he returned to America, and in 1971 he moved to Hollywood, Florida. His exhibitions, which began in 1934 in Austria, and the permanent art collections in which he is represented, span Europe, Canada, and the U.S.

Dr. Rich also donated "The Sunday Painter", a fine bronze sculpture done in the 1960s by Rose Alterman, a regional artist who studied under UM's Professor Eugene Massin.



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